Second Assault by Tri5tate

Date Uploaded: April 28, 2014
It's time again for yet another Battlefield picture. Being a Battlefield fan (despite the fail with the BF4 launch) my favourite map is actually the most hectic one - Operation Metro, which comes out in this upcoming DLC titled "Second Assault". I love what they did with it in BF4 so I tried to mimic it. Obviously I didn't do a perfect copy of it, but atleast there's some resemblance. Anyway, I hope you guys like it! :) And let's see if you can find the "hidden" message in this pic. ;)
Took around 13 hours to do with Photoshop CC, about 240 layers.

Once again, I do this for the community to enjoy but since I do not watermark my images with a huge logo, please link back to my DA page if you want to post this somewhere else. Thanks!

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